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Changing Cardiovascular Healthcare

About Us



We are a team of highly-driven change-makers, consisting of physicians, engineers, designers, AI researchers, and product-obsessed managers from all over the world trying to fundamentally change how healthcare care is delivered globally.

Our collective breadth and depth of experience allows us to tackle this problem from a new perspective. Combining R&D with medical and technical expertise and in-depth market knowledge, we can offer something unique to the market. Our aim is to improve public health, reduce reoccurrence of acute events, and facilitate longevity through better monitoring and early detection and prevention via consumer-friendly technologies. 


To start, we want to make medical-grade cardiovascular diagnostics and monitoring available to any consumer in the world in order to (1) detect cardiovascular disease at its earliest stages so less invasive and expensive procedures are required later, such as CT angiograms, (2) enable current cardiovascular disease patients with the ability to monitor their condition to avoid experiencing another acute cardiac event, such as a heart attack, and (3) enable users to better monitor changes in their cardiovascular health based on their own interventions, including diet and lifestyle changes.

To do this, we measure and monitor biomarkers that are better indicators of cardiovascular health and more accurate predictors of the biggest cardiovascular disease threats – heart attack and stroke.

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Our Mission

Right now the system is broken and antiquated. The tools and approach to assess and diagnose cardiovascular disease are outmoded, expensive, inaccessible, invasive, insufficiently frequent enough and, overall, ineffective.


Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in the world, accounting for 32% of deaths annually (about 17.9 million lives). But the way cardiovascular disease is screened for, for the bulk of the population, is through generic questionnaires with static answers that do not provide an accurate or dynamic measure of cardiovascular health. When patients are able to get imaging scans that are covered by insurance, it is usually only once they have suffered a major acute cardiac event (heart attack or stroke). By this point, it may be too late. For most, the disease has advanced to such an advanced stage that only a major intervention could save the patient's life. Or, in certain cases, the cardiac event or stroke has cause permanent, debilitating damage. And in the worst case scenario, such an event can lead to death.

This is due to the major gaps that exist in the delivery of cardiovascular care – from late stage screening (once a heart attack or stroke has already occurred) to infrequent monitoring and assessment. Additionally, the cost of care is exorbitant – from CT scans and drugs, to medical devices and surgery. We want to improve diagnostics and monitoring while also reducing the financial burden on patients AND insurers – whether public or private.


We want cardiovascular care to be more accessible, affordable, proactive and to actually improve outcomes. We think this starts with focusing on the patient and paying more attention to prevention, early diagnosis and continuous monitoring.

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Our Innovative Technology

Rather than stick with the status quo and build solutions on top of the same technology stack and algorithms that provide standard cardiovascular biomarker readings, such as blood pressure and heart rate – which have limited correlation to the major causes of CV death – we are developing a new way to assess cardiovascular health, leveraging cutting edge sensors, machine learning and signals processing to capture clearer signals of relevant biomarkers to diagnose conditions that are more reflective of cardiovascular health and more useful in predicting heart attack and stroke, the most common cardiovascular diseases and causes of mortality. 

By making it easier to more effectively diagnose and monitor cardiovascular disease, patients will be more motivated to proactively manage and improve their cardiovascular health, which can be done via our affordable, accessible wearable device and highly engaging mobile app. 

We focus on consumer preventative health and early diagnostics, but we will also target those with more serious existing cardiovascular conditions who wish to avoid recurrence of a major cardiac event or further deterioration of their cardiovascular health.

Our Team.

Our team is made up of experienced physicians, hardware and software engineers, and product and commercial experts. Combined we have over 40 years of experience building consumer healthcare products, developing proprietary machine learning algorithms, commercializing early-stage products, running clinical trials, creating major strategic partnerships, applying for regulatory approval and raising funds. We have the full array of skills needed to take our company from concept to prototype to commercialization to massive scale.


"You can't improve what you don't measure"

Peter Drucker

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